Join Us: This is going to be very exciting!

We are embarking on a massive expansion, and are looking for talented local photographers across the US.

Our mission is to make it easy for anyone to get great professional photographs.

Key to this mission is making it easy for our photographers as well. We know that you are passionate, skilled and good with people – which is where you want to spend your time.

We also know that our clients value local photographers. They want someone who knows the area. They don’t want to be allocated some random photographer. Nor do they want to spend hours going through portfolios, hoping to find someone they like.

So, we’re doing several things that will make a huge difference. We are building some TOP SECRET technology that will really transform the industry. It will help all of our photographers earn more, and take you less time to do that! We’ll share more about that once you are on board.

While we will be doing a lot to promote every location we cover, this works alongside your existing photography business.

As we expand, here is what we are looking for:

  • Local photographers who can cover all gigs we give them in their area

  • An address in the area (this is important for our hyper-local, targeted marketing)

  • A strong portfolio

  • Good people with good energy

  • The ability to send 10-15 street photos (to kick-start the local marketing)

  • Ability to send 5 street photos a week (again, this is for marketing, part of our “being local” and up to date)

Your next steps are:

  1. Fill in the form below

  2. We’ll review your submission

  3. You’ll get invited to a live introductory video call

  4. You’ll complete the onboarding package

  5. Within 10 days we’ll have you up and running

  6. You’ll get all gigs in your area

  7. And you’ll get invites to the weekly team calls, so you can see is happening and ask any questions

Photographer Application Form