Tips for Your Best Headshots

Headshots tend to be intimidating and they absolutely need not be, at all. Here are five tips to guarantee that your next close up is authentic, fun and your best photos ever.

  1. Less is more.

    There is no need to put on tons of makeup. You want to look like yourself and not look like you tried too hard. A natural look always works best.

  2. Natural light vs. studio

    We’re natural fans! No matter your skin tone or facial features natural light enhances everyone.And, being outdoors tends to be more relaxing producing natural expressions.

  3. Clothing

    Patterns and stripes can look weird on screens, so it’s best to stick to solid, neutral colors. Also, avoid “fashion forward” looks, a classic style will last you a lot longer than the latest trend.

  4. Posture

    Sitting and leaning in slightly can allow us to get into the eyes and make them the focus. If your body is slightly turned away the position will look more relaxed and confident. 

  5. Facial

    Chin down and head forward will help extend the jawline and pull the skin taut around your face to reveal more defined bone structure. We’ll always give direction as well.